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Purchase from an Authorized Newelectronx Distributor

Find a Newelectronx Retailer today! The loyalty of our customers has been hard earned over the last decade and Newelectronx understands how important the buying experience is to our customers. Together with our authorized distributors, wholesalers, resellers, and retailers - we are able to serve you with a shared vision of quality products and service. Therefore, we strongly recommend purchasing Newelectronx products through our authorized distribution channels in order to avoid acquiring unauthorized products. Use your favorite search engine to search for a Newelectronx authorized retailer in your region.

Authorized distributors will bare the Newelectronx Approval Trust Mark. To authenticate the merchant and protect yourself follow these simple steps when looking for an Authorize Distributor:
newelectronx distributor trust mark
  • Real Newelectronx Authorization trust-marks are “live” and when clicked will show if the merchant is a real, authorized member.
  • Real Newelectronx Authorization trust-marks can be clicked and will take you to the subscribing member's verification page.
  • Some scammers will have their fake seals link to This might seem normal, but it's not the way the Newelectronx Authorization trust-mark works.
  • Real Newelectronx Authorization verification pages will include the subscribing member's name and other information about their company.
  • Make sure the company names match. A real Newelectronx Authorization trust-mark will always click through to the proper verification page.
If in doubt about a distributor, simply contact us at the Helpdesk before you decide to buy with that merchant. If you would prefer to buy directly from us, then do the leg work and find the lowest price advertised somewhere else. When our price is not lower and the merchant is not a authorized distributor then let our price patrol team show how low our prices can go (to read more about that see Price Matching at Newelectronx).

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