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Why doesn't my tracking number work

Last Update: 2012-06-17 

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First make sure the window on the order status page or order history page reads as follows

ORDER STATUS:  Order Shipped

Generally once your order is shipped with UPS or FedEx, you can click the tracking number and view the status of your package in route to your destination within 24 hours of the Date/Time of Shipment stamped on the order status page. USPS tracking is a little different.

Extensive reconstruction has gone into USPS point-to-point tracking system. While still not as accurate as other delivery systems, it is a huge improvement in regards to the archaic system of the past. A variety of options are available with USPS, but not all of them emit point-to-point tracking.

USPS - First-Class Mail
USPS - Express Mail International
USPS - Express Mail
USPS - Priority Mail
USPS - Priority Mail International
USPS - Media Mail
USPS - Parcel Post
USPS - First Class Mail Letters

USPS shipping reports may appear to experience weird tracking reports that might be found confusing. USPS delivery methods use a pseudo tracking number or rather parcel number (parcel reference number AKA delivery confirmation number) that does not emit real time tracking information opposed to (real time point to point) tracking numbers provided by UPS or FedEx. USPS does offer a complementary tracking number, but only with some of their delivery methods. A USPS tracking number offers both package progress tracking as well as delivery confirmation.

Many customers are baffled by the difference between USPS tracking numbers and USPS delivery confirmation numbers. USPS tracking numbers offer real time point by point tracking information. Allowing the progress of the package to be divulged based on the parcel's last scan within the USPS point by point tracking system. USPS offers this complementary with their Express Mail (overnight mail to selected areas) method and Priority Mail method. It is called Track and Confirm. All other types of delivery methods through USPS is delivery confirmation, certified mail, and/or registered mail. Delivery confirmation, certified mail, and registered mail don't have a live point to point tracking history associated with it while in live travel to it's destination. Confirmation is available on First Class Parcels, Media Mail, and Parcel Post. Neither a USPS tracking number nor delivery confirmation is available on First Class Mail Letters.

A delivery confirmation number only tells you when and if your package was delivered but will not show you package point to point tracking progress along the way. Especially if you selected First-Class Mail. First-Class Mail is the cheapest or least expensive method you can use to have your package delivered to you. The least amount of money you pay for your mailing service the lesser the amount of features that are associated with that delivery method. Anticipate the absence of some tracking features (e.g. point to point tracking) in the cheaper shipping methods.

Delivery companies are solicited by merchants like us to deliver customers parcels to their front door; merchants do not control what features are associated with each delivery company or the speed in which the parcel will arrive to you. These features are governed by each individual delivery company (UPS, USPS, and FedEx). Newelectronx only ships the package according to the customers selection or request at the time of purchase. Please check with each delivery companies website prior to making a delivery/shipping selection. Look for the delivery company's current information and updates concerning their particular company's delivery methods.

In most cases your parcel number (tracking/certified/confirmation/registered number) associated with your package should work within 24 ~ 72 hours of the Date/Time of Shipment stamped on the order status page or order history page with the exception to USPS and their delivery methods(as listed above). Some USPS delivery methods will never render sufficient tracking information until the package has been received by you at your designated delivery address (or billing address) that you selected at purchase. In addition some parcel tracking history reports are not available via the web (or internet) at or via the tracking history tool on our website (that gives comparable results). USPS may maintain these records in their internal office and access may only be privy via (voice) telephone or by visiting a local USPS official office.

While all systems are not perfect you may find that other mailing services may have hick ups in their system during your time of tracking. In this event give the package approximately 3 business days to enter into the respected delivery companies (UPS, USPS, FedEx) system.

Additionally in some cases when the package is shipped from our facility and noted as such the parcel number will not show any results (or scans) until 24 hours after you (the customer) has received the parcel at their designated delivery address (or billing address). You can verify this by checking your parcel number the day you received the package and then allow 24 hours from that date of receipt to elapse and then check the parcel number again. You may see that the parcel number has been updated in the USPS delivery company shipping system history.

We hope that in the future the solicited services that we provide from our mail delivery companies will improve to provide you sufficient information regarding your package at the time that you expect or need to access it.

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