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Why doesn't my tracking number work

We solicit the services of shipment companies to deliver our customers parcels to their front door. Delivery updates/current status, reschedule of a delivery, holds or other delays in travel are features and functions under the control of the shipment company. Each shipment company manages and governs their features and functions associated with parcel delivery differently. For more information on how each shipment company cares for your delivery please visit their independent websites.

Delivery alerts have been sent to the email address and/or mobile phone number of the order after checkout is complete. Before the order is placed in the custody of the shipping company (e.g. DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS), the order will be assigned a tracking number and a Shipment Date & Time. The Shipment Date & Time is the indicator that the parcel has been placed in the custody of the delivery company; and is starting its journey in route to the order's delivery destination.

Approximately 24~48 hours (in some cases 72 hours) from the Shipment Date & Time, the tracking information of the parcel will allow for checking the shipment progress. We make it easy to see where your shipment is when you track through your customer account or via the order status portal. Because the parcel is assigned a tracking number, it allows our customers to know about their shipment's progress from the exact moment when it's scanned by the shipment company. As the parcel moves through the shipment company's system, it'll display the tracking information online.

The robust functionality of our website will allow the tracking information to be visible. It will display the estimated delivery date and show where the parcel is along its route to the destination: tracking status details, tracking history, etc. If the tracking number isn't working at the point of entry, give it a few hours as explained herein (72 hours at maximum). At any point if you feel uncomfortable or have general questions concerning the shipment of your order with Newelectronx - please contact us immediately. We would be more than please to help you further understand the delivery process.

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