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Cable TV Security Shield Filter Removing Tool CATV
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Cable TV Security Shield Filter Removing Tool CATV

Cable TV Security Shield and CATV/SATV Filter Removing Tool
everyday price as LOW as $4.25Cable Tools - Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Removing Tool CATV
  • Made of 100% real, harden, heavy duty steel
  • Used with SS-1D and EZ-NLS Security Sleeves, and NSS Notch-Trap Sleeves
  • Compatible with RG6 and RG59
  • Security Shield Tool
  • Precision Machined Nickel Plated Steel
  • Steel Construction
  • Knurled Knob
  • Industry standard 7/16 inch socket ensures even connector pressure
  • Sure Grip-End and Clip Ring for Increased Tightening Leverage.
  • Long Shaft to allow use with a wide variety of sleeves
Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Removing Tool CATV
Security Shield Tool, Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Removing Tool CATV, CATV Security Tool, F-Connector Installation and Removal Tool, CATV Security Shield Tamper Proof Tool Cable TV Access Key Sleeve (ST1 ST-1), Security Sleeve Tool for CATV F Connectors, F connector removal tool, SECURITY CABLE TOOL, or F Driver is a bunch of aliases that refer to the multi-purpose tool designed for telecommunication (CATV television cable, MATV, SATV satellite television) applications. The Security Shield Tool is indispensable for DSS, DBS, CATV, Fiber Optics, SMATV, and MATV telecommunications installers and field contractors.

Field service contracting is not easy without the use of the high quality CATV Security Shield Removal Tool. This handy wrench is needed to tighten or loosen recessed tamper proof CATV F connectors, traps, filters, or terminators with security sleeves surrounding them. The field service contractor of today, requires the Cable TV Security Shield and CATV Filter Removing Tool for the multi-service environment. Use the Security Shield Tool on HDTV, SDTV, TV, DVR, PVR, VCR, Digital receivers, Satellite receivers, Cable Amplifiers, Cable TV / Satellite Enclosures, Cable / Satellite Splitter / Tap Boxes, etc. The socket helps get the connector into tight spaces. A must have for cable or satellite installers.

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