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Underground plant, cabinet enclosures, and pedestal is retrofitted with an array of diversified security locking devices such as supra title keys, reltec cylinder K-lock security locking devices, barrel lock - inner tite lock security locking devices, padlock master locks, or pattern specific one piece high security bolt style lock with specialized star key pattern design. If you have found yourself doing a field installation and you have come across a TV-40, TV-60, TV-80, TV-104, TV-106, Access 360° series pedestals, or apartment boxes then you undoubtedly have seen the diversified array of different pattern star locks on each pedestal and understand that the right key is needed for each specified star key locking devices. A 1/4 turn rotation of the correct tamper-proof bolt with the star key will open self-securing enclosures latch type lock for signal management in the telecommunication field (Newelectronx Reviews).
Satellite Cable Tool Cabinet Ped Pedestal 6 Side Star Security Telecom Key for TV Lock Box Cabinet Enclosure
CATV 6 Point Star Key Cable Pedestal Cabinet Enclosure Key for outside slam box
Lowest Price and Highest Quality for Satellite and Cable TV Field Technicians and Engineers.
The CATV Lock box 6 sided security star key cable tool for telecommunication industry self securing enclosures is compatible with many pedestal cabinet enclosures. The 6 sided star key cable tool is the symetrical 6 point key version. A complete stock of quality CATV, MATV, SATV Tools for the Cable, Satellite, and Telecom Industry is located on our website. Find reasonable priced cable tools specialized for your telecommunications cabinet. Read what our customers have said about telecommunications MDU tool and keys at Newelectronx Reviews.  


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    The Star Key Tool 5 Square LZ Slam Pedestal Lock Key is a telecommunication (SATV, CATV, MATV) slam pedestal lock key designed for access pedestals and lock boxes. Star Key Tool 5 Square LZ Slam Pedestal Lock Key replaces any equivalent or cross referenced security tool.  Cable contractors will find the savings from what is normally priced for this Star Key CATV tool. Each 5-point key pattern is assigned perfectly with computerized mathemati...

    Star Key Pedestal Cabinet CATV 5 Square LZ Security Slam Lock Tool
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    Gamebit Security Screwdriver Bit Access Tool Kit Set 100 Pieces is a gamebit security tool set put together with unique hard to find security screwdriver bit inserts. The gamebit tamper resistant security game bit set is the solution to opening, repairing, and modding electronic devices. Add a heavy duty ratchet screwdriver with forward reverse conventional settings OR add our Magnetic Screwdriver Handle or Super Strong T Handle with 1/4 inch dri...

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    4.5mm Security Screwdriver, Gamebit, 4.5 mm Gamebit, 4.5mm Gamebit, Gambits 4.5mm that are not on clearance sale are located here: Gamebit. Our gamebit (gamebits) have to pass a very high quality test to be approved by our Gamebit Quality Control Department. We have some gamebits that are not approved by this department. Therefore these gamebits will be sold AS IS in the clearance section of our web site. These gamebits are slightly imperfect wit...

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    This cable box key is a combo security key that is referred to as a Self Lock Security Key 8 and 6 Point Star Pattern Combo. 6 and 8 Point CATV Cable Box Key Pedestal Star Tool is a telecommunication (SATV, CATV, MATV) slam pedestal lock key designed for accessing pedestals, cabinets, and ped enclosure lock boxes. 6 and 8 Point CATV Cable Box Key Pedestal Star Tool replaces any equivalent or cross referenced cable box key or security tool. Each...

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    The SCG is a powerful service code generator that will reset, reactivate, unlock, refurbish, re-program, and program your unit and restore deactivated (shut down, disconnected) to activated. Compatible with 3 and  4 Wire Quickboard kit, Super J 5 Wire, Ali, or Super Chip. Allow serial surfing to initialize and restore service on your PAL, NTSC, SECAM units. Compatible with all Jerrold, Motorola, General Instrument Analog Cable Boxes (Jerrold...

    Service Code Generator (SCG)

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